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In all projects we offer “full service” from a single source – from the study design to the interpretation and implementation of the results. You will have a permanent personal contact person within our company.

The quality of the study results is critically dependent on the quality of the participants. The personal recruitment of participants represents a core competence of COMAQ. We use our own, experienced recruiters who we train on a project basis. Participants of a market research study are always personally recruited. Databases and address lists are not used for recruiting. We also recruit participants from difficult audiences.

On the basis of the inquiry and tender documents we create the study design in dialogue with our customers. We are closely orientated to the task and work out a transparent and result-oriented offer with detailed information on methodology, countries, target groups, number of cases, technology, procedure, place and time of the data collection as well as costs. A transparent study design that is accepted by our clients is decisive for the success of a study.

The organization of the field work is entirely self-directed. An experienced COMAQ team proposes a suitable venue and coordinates all associated activities, such as layout planning and hall logistics. For dynamic test drives, we select the test tracks and coordinate them closely with the specialist departments of our customers.

We have our own pool of trained and experienced interviewers. For international studies, the interviewers are all native speakers.

Our experienced project managers create structured reports with a clear presentation of the results in chart- and text form as well as result dashboards in the customer CI. In addition, a comprehensive photo- and video documentation is created.

For a maximum of data quality and an efficient project handling we use our special technical equipment. Personal interviews (CAPI) are carried out using our own tablet PC’s. The programming is done by specialized COMAQ employees. Extensive AV equipment enables digital sound and image recordings indoors, outdoors or in vehicles. The observation rooms for live broadcasts of group discussions are equipped with multi-camera technology with split-screen presentation. All technology is supervised locally by a COMAQ technician. An experienced COMAQ employee is responsible for the processing of audio and video files with professional software. COMAQ has its own quality system for data security and data protection.

For statistical evaluations, we work with a both proven and new calculation models. The reliability, validity and objectivity of the results are the main focus and influence the study design, the field work and the analysis phase.

The preparation of the reports of our research studies is based on many years of experience and constant development with our customers. Two-tier management summaries and a top-line results dashboard spearhead each earnings report. We orient ourselves to the CI of our customers, the charts clearly communicate the results and are provided with individual action titles.

Recommendations for action are an integral and inherent part of our report books. Special models and visualizations identify the potential for optimization. In addition, we assist our customers in identifying causes and defining short and long-term measures.

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